Nobody, right ? However, sometimes the big quantity of sugar and dyes that they contain prevents us from enjoying them fully, and they are not recommended for the youngest.

At #SIGFRIDOFRUIT we can offer you today a healthy and excellent solution to enable to eat ice creams.

Mango and yoghurt ice cream


*3 yoghurt cups or natural sugarfree yoghurt (you can also use sweet vainilla  yoghurt)

*4-5 ripe mangoes from #SIGFRIDOFRUIT

*1/4 to ½ cup of bee honey, to taste (you can also use bananas to sweeten the ice creams instead of honey)


Put all the ingredients to prepare the mango ice creams in a blender and blend until obtaining a sweet mixture with a texture similar to the smoothie. Taste and dose honey to your taste.

Pour the mixture of yogurt and mango in ice cream molds or disposable glasses. Add the ice cream sticks; otherwise you can wait for them to freeze about an hour before adding them so that they remain straight.

Put the mango ice creams in the freezer; freeze up about 4 hours (more or less depending on the temperature of your freezer). To put the ice creams out of the molds, dive the bottom of the mold in lukewarm water during about 10-20 seconds.

Ready to go for the preparation of these tasty and healthy ice creams?