Young company founded in 2013 by Sigfrido Molina.

After a successful career as an Export salesman, Sigfrido decided to go a step further in his passion for countryside and agriculture by growing in his own crop a wide range of aromatic herbs, mangoes and avocados in a perfectly suitable climate.

Currently we commercialize over 4 million kg of fruits a year that we preserve and spoil at every step of the strict process that we established in order to offer the best quality, because our public is a demanding, it that takes care of itself and knows perfectly what it wants.

For this and other reasons, our daily challenge is to meet at most your expectations by offering a product 100% #READYTOEAT solicited by restaurants, sportsmen and more and more people who seek out perfection in a healthy lifestyle.

Our philosophy is the one of a young brand, accessible and ambitious that takes care of its product naturally, respecting the environment with the very clear objective to satisfy our clients’ needs, by involving them and considering their requirements in order to fulfill them successfully.