What is the use of mango leaves tea? Some years ago, mango leaf tea gained popularity in many countries, especially tropical countries affected by the disease known as chikungunya. This disease that causes joint pain and fever used to be treated with mango leaf tea, in some cases the results were positive and in others, negative. The infusion of mango leaves also has other uses like the treatment of diabetes and other diseases. Mango Leaf Tea for Diabetes Diabetes is a disease that is diagnosed to millions of people in the world. It is the direct consequence of an inadequate diet and sedentary lifestyle. In diabetes, high blood sugar levels can cause health problems. So controlling your blood sugar levels is necessary. Mango leaves are a great way to control blood sugar levels naturally, easily and without negative health effects. These leaves represent the best natural medicine for diabetes and allow to significantly improve the quality of life of people with this disease. Mango leaves contain tannins called anthocyanins, which are necessary to treat early diabetes. They are also used in the treatment of diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. Infusion helps treat hyperglycemia. This is because the leaves contain a compound known as tarakserol-3beta, and ethyl acetate which synergize with the insulin and activate GLUT4 to stimulate the synthesis of glycogen.