Coming healthy is trendy, and this is a tendency that we can not miss out, so we can consider that
we are trendier tan ever. Yeah! In this post we present you the creamiest avocado ice in the world
created with our avocadoes Sigfrido by Cristian.
Cristian is the creator of the blog @LaPastanoEngorda, a young 25 year-old jack of all trades who
dedicates his spare time creating culinary content on social networks and creating wonderful meals
aimed at people wishing to live a meatless life.
He surprised us this month with a vegan ice-cream made from frozen avocadoes, YES, you read
well: The avocado can be frozen and used for many meals but especially,  now that the good
weather is coming, we are delighted to make avocado and cacao ice-creams.
Very easy: Use frozen avocado pieces with crude cacao and blend them at maximum speed,
sweeten with coconut syrup and enjoy a dessert rich in flavor and nutrients for your body.