Our dear #PAPAYA is not just extremely tasty, it is also endowed with many ideal components

to make countless beauty tips. There is nothing like natural cosmetics!

Today we will give you three, but we will have others very soon :

 #PAPAYA mask against acne :

The exfoliating properties of papaya help to clean the clogged pores that might lead to the

apparition of acne and/or spots.

Papaya is also beneficial to heal skin infections, because it prevents infections and, a

posteriori, spots or blackheads.

How to do it: grind a piece of papaya pulp; apply it as a mask on the whole face. Leave on

for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Another option is to eat the pulp and wipe the skin (on

the side of the pulp) on the whole face, also leave on for 5 minutes and wash the face

then. Very easy.

 Papaya mask to nourish the skin

Papaya contains vitamin A, essential for skin health. To benefit from this property one can

make a mask with a piece of papaya pulp mashed until smooth, to which one adds a table

spoon of bee honey. Bee honey is moisturizing and also contains various nourishing

substances for skin. Apply the mask on the whole face, leave on for about 10 minutes and

rinse with cold water. One can do this mask once a week.

 To smooth out the wrinkles around the lips

To eliminate the wrinkles that form around the lips, on one can apply a little papaya pulp

around the mouth and leave on for about 10 minutes. The exfoliating properties of papaya

are surprising; they remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin, what gives it a healthier

aspect. One can do it two or three times a week. One can start to see the results after a