Last month we contributed to the XVIIrd Resistance Hike Sierra Tejeda Almijara organized by the Society of Hikers from Málaga (Sociedad Excursionista de Málaga) and the Alpine Group Pinsapo – Society of Hikers from Málaga (Grupo Alpino Pinsapo – Sociedad Excursionista de Málaga).

This was a very hard hike, according to what the organizers told us, so much that 28 participants gave up and they had to establish a rescue operation to help an exhausted athlete who had in addition an injured ankle. But everything ended well.

The winners of this fascinating test are the « Grupo del 17 » from Vélez Málaga.

#SIGFRIDOFRUIT was present to all the stops of the hike, providing support and supplies of fruits to the sportsmen, and also contributed to the prize, as you can see on the pictures.

From Sigfrido Fruit, congratulations to all the participants and to the winners, you are an example.

You can find here a few pictures of the week-end:

You can already find here a few pictures of the first step of the hike!