Mix of avocados and mangoes

Mix of avocados and mangoes

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The 4kg mix of your favorite fruit is just one click away. Explosive pack of avocados and mangoes for    the whole family to benefit from and benefit from their contributions. In this option, most mangoes and 20% avocados will arrive #readytoeat. What are you waiting for to devour one of these two delights?

*Claims up to 48 hours after the fruit is received.

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Product Description

Mango or avocado? MIX US UP!

And together, we are absolutely irresistible…

If you’re an undecided,  we’re your choice, half mango, half  avocado.  Let us  accomplish your daily desires  by mixing and combining  in  your breakfasts, dishes and desserts as you wish, the perfect pair of a healthy and balanced diet.

Combine our nutritional and moisturizing power, energize and refresh!

We are unquestionably your #READYTOEAT team!

Weight 5 kg