Today we are going to prepare a tasty and healthy dessert. Indeed, such soft enjoyment does not necessarily have to be heavy and caloric.

This is why we present today a tasty Mango pie, cheesecake-style.

Very fast and easy to prepare!



  • Mangoes (Sigfrido Fruit)
  • One envelope of powdered unflavoured gelatin
  • Biscuits
  • Soybean milk (500 ml)
  • Margarine


  • Crush the biscuit and make it compact with a little oil or margarine. (It is healthier to use margarine than butter). Once it is compact, place it in the mould so that it serves as a basis for our pie.
  • Bring 250ml of soybean milk to a boil and add the envelope of powdered unflavoured gelatin. Once it is dissolved, add again 250 ml of soybean milk stirring continuously.
  • Blend the 2 mangoes and add them in the pot to the mixture of powdered unflavoured gelatin and milk; stir.
  • Pour gently our mixture in the mould over the biscuit base.
  • Leave to cool at the refrigerator for at least 6h.


*We can add a little coconut powder to decorate or whatever topping you like. Be creative!

Ready to prepare your tasty and healthy pie?