Mango Osteen is a variety of mango produced in the European continent. It is from Florida, but currently its production area is confined to the subtropical Andalusian coast (Malaga and Granada) It is the unique origin of this variety worldwide, and the region has been established  as the only area of mango production in Europe.

1. DIGESTION Digestive properties.

2. DIABETES Diabetes intakes.

3. RAFFRECHING Can prevent heat stroke.

4. FOR HEMORRHAGES Prevents major bleeding.


5. FOR THE NERFS Helps calm anxiety.

6. LAXATIF Natural laxative.

7. CONGESTION Decongestant properties.

8. SUPER PROPERTY Antioxidant and anti-cancer


Extremely tropical, it is the definition of mangue  for its fleshy, tasty, refreshing taste and fragrant aroma.

With excellent qualities and properties, its extraordinary flavor and rich in antioxidant substances, rich in vitamin A, E and selenium.

Mango is one of the healthiest and most energetic fruits, so it is a favorite of athletes and lovers of a healthy life.

  • Osteen
  • Kent
  • Keitt
  • Irwin
  • Tommy
  • Palmer
  • Sensation

Osteen Mango

The most marketed variety, in the shape of a heart, its weight can vary  between  125 to 500 grams. It contains beneficial properties to the heart, consisting of rough skin easy to peel green color recently  collected. Then it will take dark purple color at its ready to eat. It is the mango variety with the most pulp and intense flavor.

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Kent Mango

With an oval oricular shape, the Kent variety, from Peru,  has a sweet and juicy taste  and  contains  little  fibrosis. Having  an average weight between 470 and 550 grams. When  it  ripens,  it  gives off an exciting and particular fragrance, and its pulp is yellowish, juicy, sweet and refreshing. Extremely good.

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Keitt Mango

The  Keitt Mango  has a reddish pink  color on a very characteristic orange background.  With an  elongated ovoid shape and a weight ranging from 600 to 750 grams, it has excellent qualities. Its meat is firm and  free  of fibre and its sugar content is lower than    that of other varieties.

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Irwin Mango

There is an oval shape, rounded base and pointed top, it has an excellent pulp, very sweet, aromatic,  sweet and free of fiber. Its reddish colour ranges in weight from 200 to 400 gr. A different bite, pleasant and very fragrant.

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Tommy Mango

Tommy Atkins mango  is a fairly large fruit of 600 to 700 gr.

It is a robust skin fruit,  with a coloration that descends from purple to deep red tones on the shoulders to orange at the  end. It dissolves to the  mouth and very easy to  peel.

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Palmer Mango

Small in size, about 100 grams, slightly acidic and very fruity,  little  fiberuse,gentlysweet. The more consumed Spanish territory, for its sweetness and sweetness.

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Mango Sensation

Sweet and aromatic in flavour, Palmer mango is oval in orange-yellowish colour in a red tone. From 500 to 800gr it is refreshing and delicious, of undeniable quality.

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